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Georgia About to Adopt the Resolution on Tatunashvili’s Case

By Vladimer Napetvaridze
Tuesday, March 13
Chairman of the Faction "Georgian Dream" Mamuka Mdinaradze talked about details of elaboration of resolution on Archil Tatunashvili's case. According to him, to achieve an agreement between all parties involved in the discussion, the consultation on the draft of resolution continues:

"We continue consultations, as you know, these consultations were intensive during the last days. It includes technical and legal details that require solution and response. Therefore, it may take several days to absorb the final version. The resolution will be strict, and it will reflect the practical approach of the Georgian government and the Parliament, in regard to the de-occupation tasks“ stated Mdinaradze.

Another representative of the majority, Gia Volski, expressed his doubts about the possibility of achieving the agreement to the text of the resolution between the government and the opposition: The text should express our position and it should be result-oriented. This resolution must express a position not only on this specific topic. Thus, we are still trying to agree on the text of the resolution, but I am skeptical of this issue",- stated Volski.

The MP also emphasized the international importance of the resolution and noted that Russia's aggressive politics towards Georgia is caused by global geopolitical processes and therefore all steps taken by Georgia should be cautious and reasonable: "The reality is that we are in rather tense and explosive situation, and this situation in Georgia is the part of an ongoing international political controversy. We should evaluate it and define the reasonable approach. I think the government has the right position and the strategy on the issue,"stated Volski.

The resolution is following: a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting, by a formal organization, a legislature, a club, or another group. Once a group makes a decision, they can pass formal expression with a resolution. Due to the international importance of Tatunashvili's case, any action which will be taken by the Georgian government in regard to this issue will attract a particular attention. Consequently, the resolution, which will be adopted in a few days by the Georgian government, will have great importance as it will be an official document, in which will be shown Georgia's position on such issues as occupation problem, the role of Russia in this process, attitude to breakaway government of Tskhinvali, etc.

In the process of adopting such a crucial document ofinternational importance, government and opposition need to achieve consensus on the text of the resolution, in order to show to the international community that the country has a common position on such principle issues such as the one of occupied territories.

Resolutions adopted by the Parliament of Georgia are the documents expressing the country's foreign policy:

“Resolution of the Parliament of Georgia on the Foreign Policy of Georgia“- the document, in which Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations are expressed.

2016 - Resolution about addressing the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the European Council and the Office of the Foreign Relations of the European Union - Document expressing the gratitude of Georgia, for EU support.

2016 - Resolution on "release of ex-member of Ukrainian Rada- Nadia Savchenko's from unlawful imprisonment” - document condemning Russia for imprisonment of the Ukrainian citizen;

2014 -The Resolution of the Parliament on Situation in Ukraine- supporting the territorial sovereignty of Ukraine.