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Sanctions Tighten for Arbitrary Change of Tbilisi Look

Wednesday, March 28
The arbitrary change of Tbilisi look, including the change of the color of the buildings will be followed by 500 GEL fine.

Under the current Code, changing of the city's appearance is followed by a 200-lari fine and this sanction applies to all municipalities. However, the sanctions will be tightened and instead of 200 GEL, the violators will pay 500.

The changes are envisaged by the amendments to the "Code of Administrative Offenses."

In addition, tightened administrative punishment also refers to damaging yards, squares and streets on the territory of Tbilisi. Previously, such actions were followed by 500 GEL in case of physical persons, and soon this fine will be doubled. As for legal entities, the current 2000 GEL fine will be increased to 3000 GEL.

The amount of fines imposed for the offense to the protective zone established by the Law on Cultural Heritage will also be increased. In case of a physical person the penalty of 1 000 GEL will be doubled and become 2000 GEL, in case of legal entity, the fine of GEL 4000 will become 6000 GEL.

Moreover, the sanctions will be tightened over the violation of outdoor advertising rules as well.

For violation of rules for outdoor advertising on the territory of Tbilisi and for placing outdoor advertising without the appropriate permit, physical persons will be fined by 1000 GEL instead of 300 and the legal entities- by 3000 GEL.

In addition, the same amount of fines will be imposed for violation of the rules for advertising, production and distribution of advertising on the territory of Tbilisi.

Violations of the rules about ordering and placing signboards in the capital will also result in increased fines. Physical persons will be fined by 1000 GEL instead of 300 and the legal entities by 3000 GEL.

The changes were initiated by the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) MPs and were submitted to the Parliament for further consideration.