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Exhibition - Ask for it Anywhere

By Mariam Chanishvili
Thursday, April 5
The exhibition "Ask for it anywhere" was opened at Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery on March 30.

The exhibition showcases artworks by more than 50 artists of different generations, thematically connected to "Laghidze Waters".

The name of the exhibition, "Ask for it anywhere" appeared on the soft drinks' first advertisement banner and subsequently gained popularity.

The exhibition, which will take place until 18 April, is curated by Maka Tavamaishvili.

"Laghidze Waters" is a symbol of Tbilisi and an example of Georgian intangible cultural heritage. Tasting "Laghidze Waters" and gathering at this location became a kind of a ritual for the residents of Tbilisi, as well as its guests.

Minister of Culture and Sport of Georgia, Mikheil Giorgadze attended the opening of the exhibition.

“Laghidze Waters” has united about 50 artworks of contemporary Georgian artists. “Laghidze Waters” is one of the symbols of Tbilisi,” said Giorgadze.

Artists, such as Oleg Timchenko, Shalva Matuashvili, Gela Patiashvili, took part in the exhibition.

Lagidze water is named after Mitropane Lagidze, a pharmacist’s apprentice in Kutaisi, who in 1887 explored the idea of using natural syrups instead of imported flavored essences in making lemonades.

In 1906, following advice from Akaki Tsereteli and assistance from Ilia Chavchavadze, Mitropane Laghidze established a non-alcoholic beverage factory in Tbilisi. He also opened a non-alcoholic drink shop that year.

Today, Lagidze waters are produced in a wide range of natural flavors, including pear, citrus fruit, cherry, tarragon, etc.

Lagidze waters are distributed in Russia, Ukraine, the three Baltic states, Poland, and Armenia. The technology and culture of the Lagidze Waters were inscribed on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Georgia in 2014.