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Wednesday, April 11
Labor Inspection Excludes Seismic Tremors in the Mine Killing 6 Workers

The labour inspection stated on Monday that no seismic tremors were observed in the Mindeli mine, in western Tkibuli region of Georgia, where six mine workers died and three others received injuries on April 5.

Irakli Iobidze, a representative of Labor Inspection Department of the Ministry of Health, made a statement after inspecting the Mindeli Mine.

According to Iobidze, the Seismic Service confirmed that the seismic tremors were not observed on that day in the mine.

“The Labor Inspection Department and the Technical Supervision Agency of the Ministry of Economy will once again try to reach the site. We will study the situation and afterwards continue investigation,” Iobidze said.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia is investigating the case under the article which refers to violation of safety rules and envisages imprisonment up to five years.

The Saknakhshiri is the company conducting mining in the region, which claims safety norms were in place, while “seismic tremors were impossible to forecast.”

School Resource Officers to Provide Psychological Assistance

The draft amendments to the Law of Georgia’s General Education, initiated by the Education Ministry, have offered psychological assistance to schoolchildren by Resource Officers, by the Interior Ministry staff who are tasked to provide security and prevent clashes in public schools of Georgia.

The amendments, which need to be approved by parliament, read that the students with behavioral and emotional disorders and their parents will be able to get psychological support.

If the changes are confirmed, officers will have to prevent clashes outside the school territory as well, by informing the children’s parents, school leadership and relevant state structures.

The changes are coming in the wake of several clashes in Tbilisi public schools, which started at a school territory and resulted into several killed minors.

The institute of the Resource Officers was established under the United National Movement leadership in 2010 to prevent school incidents.
(By Mariam Chanishvili)