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Ombudsman Says Suicide Cases in Teens Increased

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, May 2
The Georgian Public Defender Nino Lomjaria says that the cases of suicide and suicide attempt in teens have increased by 20 percent.

She stated that the figure is alarming, and steps need to be taken in a number of directions.

Lomjaria focused on responsibility of the state, family, teachers and teenagers and the importance of increasing awareness.

"We have a lot of facts of violence against children and, unfortunately, many of such cases remain unknown to public,” Lomjaria said.

“First of all, children's rights are ignored by adults. Violence is very frequent and acute problem in families as well as in educational institutions. Unfortunately, violence against children in schools is commonly accepted and many teachers do nothing against the problem,” Lomjaria noted.

She stated that suicide rate is significantly higher in teens – 20 percent higher compared to previous years.

“This indicates that the state does not have a systemic approach to violence against children and even in the fight against bullying.

“Teachers are not ready to identify the facts of harassment. In fact, we do not have a support system for abused children. There is no shelter for the children, who are the victims of sexual violence in the country. There are just 11 psychologists across the country who work on such issues,” Lomjaria said.

Several parents also told the media that their children became victims of the so-called Blue Whale game.

However, the Interior Ministry stated that there are no evidences to prove that Georgian teens play the suicide game.