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Tbilisi Art Fair to take place on May 17-20

By Mariam Chanishvili
Wednesday, May 2
Tbilisi Art Fair (TAF) will take place on May 17-20, organized by ‘Expo Georgia’ with the support of TBC status and ‘Check in Georgia’.

The four day exhibition-sale will unite more than 25 galleries and independent artists from different countries.

Press conference about the project was held at the exhibition center ‘Expo Georgia’.

Head of the Department of Corporate Communication Tamuna Kirvalidze, Head of the National Tourism Administration, Giorgi Chogovadze and representatives of ‘Expo Georgia’ Tina Laghidze and Nino Gamrekeli presented and discussed the upcoming events.

Director Eric Schlosser said the event will show a clear picture of the current situation in contemporary art.

“It is very interesting for me to participate in this fair. All types of artists will be united there, including independent artists. The local population will have opportunity to visit different spaces and understand how the Modern Art develops in Georgia. It will show a very clear picture of what is the situation of the scene today,” said Schlosser.

International Cultural Forum- Challenges of the contemporary art market will be discussed with ‘Creative Georgia’.

“Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Fair will create a unique platform in Georgia. It is very important to create and consider Georgia in Cultural-Visual International context. The Exhibition will last for three days,” said Tina Laghidze.

TAF is an international contemporary visual arts fair opened to selected galleries from around the world focused on the vibrant emerging art scene of roughly the area bounded by the Black, Caspian and Baltic Seas.

The goal of TAF is to establish and enhance partnerships between local and international art institutions.