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Georgia and Israel agree to enhance military cooperation

By Levan Khustishvili
Thursday, May 3
On May 2, 2018, Defense Minister of Georgia Levan Izoria met with the colleague from Israel and the two countries signed the memorandum for deepening the relations in the defense field. Future cooperation will envisage various areas, especially military education, military reserve and mobilization systems.

In the frames of official visit in Israel, Levan Izoria presented planned and already implemented initiatives and reforms in Georgian Military Sphere, especially reform of military reserve was underlined. After the meeting, the Minister noted that a working group will be formed, Georgian and Israeli representatives will work together, and Georgians will learn about the Israeli experience in reserve and mobilization systems, as well as the methods of civil defense teaching in secondary education institutions.

The cooperation can be efficient as Israel has one of the best Military reserve system in the world and Georgia is planning to modify the reserve system. New concept is already created and in 2018 active reserve service will be launched as a pilot project and 260 persons are expected to take part in the first phase.

According to Izoria, funds for this purpose is already allocated in the defense budget as well as financial resources for the creation of electronic management system, which envisages establishment of Mobilization Reserve management processes.

As Izoria stated, reservists will be training for maximum 45 days a year. The law includes age restrictions for reservists:

In reserve of the armed forces, the age limit is 50 years, in the case of territorial reserve - 55 years, in specialists reserve - 65 years, and the age limit for mobilization reserve is 60 years.

According to the new draft law, two types of reserve: active reserve and mobilization reserve will be created.

The active reserve service will be voluntary, the contract will be signed for up to 5 years and the 5-year period will be considered for the overall work experience. In case of recruitment, reservists will maintain their jobs and salaries. According to the draft law, a person enrolled in an active reserve will receive a monthly labor remuneration that will receive his / her salary at 20% and during the summoning and military service - the full amount of remuneration.

The active reserve service will be divided into three parts: Reserve of Armed Forces, Territorial reserve, Specialists reserve.

The Armed Forces Reserve provides the immediate involvement of the reservists in the armed forces, strengthening and supporting the subdivisions of the armed forces.

The second type of reserve, mobilization reserve is unlike the active reserve and its aim is to strengthen the military forces and fill up losses.

Military analysts are actively discussing suggested concept of the Reserve System, some of them think that best model for Georgia will be reserve system from Croatia

“For Georgia, perhaps the best option would be Croatian version, which reflects our reality too. We have a lot of things common with Croatia. Consequently, this system would be optimal for us, and Croatia is a NATO member state. I think that according to the Georgian specifics, the Croatian model is more acceptable, " said political scientist Vakhtang Maisaia.

Some experts are supporting the Israeli Model and according to the memorandum of deepening future cooperation with Israel, it is clear that Georgian Government is also concentrated on Military Reserve System of Israel.