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Monday, May 7
By Mariam Chanishvili

Aviation Agency Database attacked

Georgian Civil Aviation database was attacked by hackers on Friday. The attack did not affect any scheduled flights and was addressed shortly. The aviation officials say the attack was likely to take place because of the crypto currency.

"The cyber-attack blocked the Civil Aviation database. But we managed to settle the problem. We continue to work in a usual manner,” stated Karanadze.

“Based on the preliminary information the hackers were demanding crypto currency in exchange of restoring the blocked data,” Karanadze said.

The Georgian Interior Ministry launched an investigation into the case.

Georgian NGO releases figures on how much Gov’t spent on drug tests

The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), a local Non-Governmental Organization, has published the figures on how much money has been spent on drug tests from the state budget over the course of four years.

IDFI says that a minimum of 2,448,520 GEL was spent on such tests from 2014 and 2017.

“ Out of the total money, 1,670,940 GEL (68%) was spent for the individuals who had not consumed any drugs,” the NGO claims.

The report reads that between 2014 and 2017 the number of the people tested for drugs by law enforcement agencies “has been decreased three times.”

“This is a positive indicator. However, the figure may change at any time as the current state legislation prosecutes drug consumers,” IDFI states.

The organisation believes that the law should change and become more loyal to those who consume drugs but don’t sell them.