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French Foreign Legion Music Band to perform in Georgia

By Mariam Chanishvili
Thursday, May 24
Georgia marked its Independence Day on May 26 with the series of festivities and various outdoor events in Tbilisi and twenty five other towns of Georgia.

Within the frames of the events dedicated to the Independence Day, the French Foreign Legion Music Band will perform for the citizens of Tbilisi and Gori for free.

Tbilisi concert will take place on May 25 at Rike Park.

Gori concert on May 27 in front of Gori City Hall.

Within the framework of this visit, the legionnaires will honor one of its the heroes, Dimitri Amilakhvari, who was a French military officer and Lieutenant Colonel of the French Foreign Legion, of Georgian origin who played an influential role in the French Resistance against Nazi occupation in the World War II, and became an iconic figure of the Free French Forces.

The ceremony will be attended by the Ambassador of France to Georgia, Pascual Meunier and Georgian officials.

The French Foreign Legion Music Band is renowned for the particular participation to grand military manifestations and maneuvers. The Music is considered the patrimonial tune of all songs and marches of the Legion, all which are a reflection of the virtues of the Legionnaires.

The French Foreign Legion Music Band (MLE) is the only military band in the world formed of French and Foreigners, composed of Legionnaire Musicians.

This year Georgia will celebrate the 100th anniversary from the creation of the Democratic Republic of Georgia in 1918.

Seven presidents will visit Georgia on May 26 to join the country in its celebration.

Krynica Economic Forum brand will be established in Georgia on May 26. Held in Poland, Krynica Economic Forum is one of the most famous economic forums in Eastern Europe.

French Foreign Legion Music Band cancelled performance in Georgia

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen operations and responsibilities,the French government is obliged to cancel the participation of the French Foreign Legion Music Band performance, which was planned to take place in Gori and Tbilisi, dedicated to the Independence Day of Georgia.

The French Embassy in Georgia is sincerely concerned about the unpleasant and uncomfortable consequences that can result in the cancellation of this visit.