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Monday, May 28
By Mariam Chanishvili

Georgian Facebook Users Announce Rally against Ritual Animal Slaughter

Facebook users have created an event online to gather people for a rally in front of the parliament building in Tbilisi today at 7pm to stand against the ritual slaughter of animals during certain religious days.

The protesters will demand a note in the law which will make the action punishable.

The rally will be held prior to the annual religious celebration of Lomisoba in Georgia’s mountainous Dusheti region on May 30, where people slaughter sheep at the scene.

"On this day, non-Christian and cruel rituals takes place. This process negatively affects people, flares aggression and hatred. Ritual slaughters have nothing to do with civilized society. We demand the government to ban animal sacrifices on the legislative level and call on the Patriarchate to use its powers to stop this brutality," reads the event description.

Lomisoba in marked on the seventh week after Easter annually, on Wednesday, in the village of Mleta, Dusheti region.

Police Detains Individual for Human Trafficking

The Georgian police have detained an individual identified as L.G. for human trafficking last week.

The statement released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia reads that the individual used to deceive girls and forced them into prostitution.

The individual faces 12-15 years in prison.

The case was opened through the participation of the police officers who underwent a special training course against trafficking in April this year.

The training was held in Budapest with the support of the US.