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WinExpo Georgia 2018

By Keti Donadze
Friday, June 15
The 11th International Wine and Spirits Fair -WinExpo Georgia 2018, is a two day event, which takes place on June 14-16.

The event is hosted by Exhibition center ‘Expo Georgia’. Exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia and National Wine Agency of Georgia.

It is the only International Wine and Spirits Fair in Georgia and in the whole Caucasus Region presenting full range of wine industry, products and services. This is why it is a great opportunity for producers and exporters to build successful networks during the fair.

WinExpo Georgia’18 creates a profitable climate for: blending the best of both Western and traditional Georgian practices in winemaking, encouraging the formation of wine cluster in Georgia, by using the Western expertise and machinery, attracting a large number of investors and expert from various countries, etc.

WinExpo Georgia’18 includes exhibitions, competitions and business forum. The event focuses on the growth of profit from wine sales in Georgian environment.

Exhibition presents attractive business platform including wine processing equipment, technologies, viticulture equipment - glass and glassware and packaging for producers working in the some field.

The fair is one of the largest that offers visitors a wide range of national and international wine and spirits and other similar products.

Award-winning wine writer and Master of Wine, Tim Atkin MW held a presentation on June 14 on Future of Wine. He has assessed wines in the UK, France, Italy, the United States, Argentina, Spain, South Africa, Chile and Australia and is the co-chairman of the London-based International Wine Challenge, the world’s biggest and most rigorously judged blind tasting competition.

Winner Wines Award will be held on Gala Exhibition opening day on June 14, on Gala dinner and the viewers will have opportunity during this three day exhibition, taste winner wines

In 2017, the exhibition gathered 97 companies that produce more than 170 varieties of wine and alcoholic beverages. 11 countries participated in the exhibition: Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Turkey and Ukraine.