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AmCham and the US Embassy Celebrate the 242nd Anniversary of the Signing of the US. Declaration of Independence

By Nino Gugunishvili
Tuesday, July 10
Georgian, American and international community members and their families gathered on July 7 to celebrate the 242nd anniversary of the signing of the US. Declaration of Independence. The event was organized and hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia (AmCham Georgia) and the U.S. Embassy in Georgia, in an American-style picnic, with a barbecue, musical live bands, wine and beer tasting, riding a rodeo bull, alongside the various fun packed activities held for children, from bouncing castles to face - painting and clowns, an illusionist and a possibility to be painted by the famous Georgian caricaturists Zaliko and Kemo, all of it adding up more of the festive spirit to an enjoyable atmosphere.

“Welcome to the American embassy for this celebration of the America’s independence with which the embassy is proud to collaborate with the American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia for the celebration of America’s independence, to bring in our friends and members of our community. This is the eighteenth year that the AmCham and the American Embassy are partnered on this event,” Elizabeth Rood, Chargé D’áffaires, US Embassy in Georgia said, while addressing the guests during her welcome speech.

“The 100 Anniversary of Georgia’s independence also took place this year and we’re happy to have these special guests here today; two symbols of the monumental independence of Georgia and of the United States. We have the Statue of Liberty, who represents the American freedom and independence and shines the beacon to the world, representing our values and our love for freedom and for democracy and we also have Kartlis Deda, who represents the same values for Georgia. This is a very special occasion to remember how important these values are for the United States and to Georgia and to think about how those values unite us as friends and as communities”, she continued.

“The role of the American Chamber of Commerce is very important in partnership between the United States and Georgia; it represents American companies doing business here. Those American companies are making Georgian economy stronger and making the United States’s economy stronger and even more important, deepening the ties that unite our countries in business and investment and we’re very proud of the work the AmCham does and proud to support it and cooperate with it.” she added.

“It’s always a great honor and it’s so symbolic for us to do this here, at the embassy, as we celebrate the Independence Day. This isn’t just about America’s independence, it’s about what America feels about freedom throughout the world, but we also see what’s happening and what great, great, progress Georgia has made. Look around at the families and at the friends; whether they are American, whether they are Georgian or whether they are international, this is what the Independence Day is about,” Michael Cowgill, the AmCham Georgia President said, as he welcomed the guests, thanked the event sponsors, and invited everyone to enjoy the rest of the evening which ended with massive fireworks.