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Smoking in Yards of Medical and Educational Institutions May Become Allowed

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, July 26
The Healthcare Committee of the Parliament of Georgia has supported the amendment which makes smoking permissible at the specially set up areas in the yards of medical and educational institutions.

The information was released by Chairman of Health and Social Issues Committee Akaki Zoidze.

According to him, there are some issues in the tobacco regulations, which entered into force on May 1st, that need to be changed.

Zoidze explains that smoking ban in the yards of medical and educational institutions causes dissatisfaction and conflicts, adding the amendments will be initiated in the parliament in September.

“We hope to assure the parliament that some amendments are necessary,” he added.

According to the Committee Chair, even the Tobacco Control Alliance admitted there are some problematic issues in the law.

However, Zoidze underlined that smoking in the yards of the schools will remain banned.

Since May 1st, smoking is prohibited in public areas and all kinds of buildings except houses, psychiatric clinics, penitentiary facilities and casinos.

Smoking of cigars is only allowed in cigar-bars where no food products are served.

Moreover, smoking ban applies to electronic cigarettes and hookah as well.

Smoking is permitted in the airports but only in designated areas. As for public transport, smoking is restricted there, but taxis and open boats are exceptions.

Legal entities, which violate the ban and let people smoke in closed buildings, will be fined GEL 500 and if repeated, the fine will be doubled.

As for ordinary citizens, in case of violations, they will face GEL 50 fine but if repeated, they will be fined 100 GEL.

Smoking in public transport will be fined 100 GEL.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) is in charge of revealing violations and charging people.