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Sunset Fest - Bakhmaro

By Mariam Chanishvili
Wednesday, August 15
Sunset Fest 2018 will take place in Bakhmaro Sunset Hill, 2100 meters above sea level on August 19.

The lineup features George Merych, Killages, Leif S, Ara, etc,

The project is organized within the frames of Check-in Georgia and European Union in Georgia project -“Participatory CHARETTE for the Tourism Development Strategy of Guria”.

“Participatory CHARRETTE for the Tourism Development Strategy of Guria”, implemented by cooperation of the Ozurgeti, Lanchkhuti, and Chokhatauri Municipalities, Ozurgeti City Hall, Civil Society Organizations the Young Scientists' Club of Ozurgeti and the Civil Society Institute, with the EU financial support.

The project aims to promote sustainable and comprehensive tourism development in Guria through the joint efforts of central and local authorities, citizens and stakeholders interested in tourism.

Bakhmaro, which is a health resort in Guria, Western part of Georgia, is nationally famous for long mountain walks and for the traditional horse races, which takes place every year on 19 August.

The majority of buildings in Bakhmaro are wooden bungalows that are inhabited in summer, especially July and August, by travelers.

The resort has become more popular among the tourists over the past years.

Its location causes the unique character of Bakhmaro climate. The effectiveness of the resort is also contributed by the picturesque scenery of mountains with its soothing impact.

Views from the forest-covered mountains are breathtaking, especially from Lenchis Seri (2505 m), which is called “Sunrise hill.” There is also a smaller Bakhmaro peak called “Sunset Hill” (2250 m), and in case of clear visibility, it is possible to watch the sunset on the Black Sea

The holiday season in Bakhmaro is short: from the beginning of July until the end of August. Due to harsh climate conditions, the mountains of Guria by the beginning of September are covered with snow which in wintertime has the height of up to 4-6 meters.

Distance from Tbilisi is 360 km – a journey time of around four and half hours.