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Georgian PM Not Satisfied with the Condition of Resorts in Country

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, August 30
Georgian Prime Minister, Mamuka Bakhtadze said he is not happy with the current situation and preparation works at Georgia’s resort areas.

He made the statement after Wednesday’s government session, saying this is the last warning about the issue.

He stressed the sharp increase in the number of tourists might not serve as an excuse and resorts need to be adequately prepared to cater to the increased inflow of visitors. He says his remarks refer to summer as well as winter resorts.

“We are not satisfied with the quality of readiness observed at resorts in summer, and we are neither happy with the level of preparedness in Bakuriani and Gudauri that we witnessed in winter. We all understand it well and feel joy when the number of tourists keeps increasing; however it may not be an excuse, as resorts need to be well prepared to cater this truly high flow,” he stated.

Bakhtadze announced that everyone, who is engaged in advancing the infrastructure and quality of work, has been given the last warning to avoid such a practice in future.

“This warning applies to people who bear official responsibility on this issue. Resorts need to have adequate readiness, especially when tourist inflow keeps increasing. I do not wish to list individual names here, as this issue applies to many people and agencies. I am confident that the quality of preparedness will be much higher in winter as well as in the coming summer," he stated.

According to him, the Cabinet of Ministers will discuss the issue of allocating additional funding for upgrading the infrastructure of resorts in Georgia.

“Kobi-Gudauri ski slopes will be upgraded, temporary systems will be installed to avoid avalanches in winter; old boulevard in Ureki will be rehabilitated, while the construction works will be launched for setting up a new boulevard; central, circular pedestrian track will be rehabilitated in Bakuriani,” he said.

Besides, Bakhtadze said Bakuriani should, by all means, turn into a four-season destination and therefore all the referred infrastructure projects, similar to the extension of a parking lot in the vicinity of Didveli should be completed.

He also spoke about the Didi Mitarbi cable-car rehabilitation and the sea-side resort Kobuleti, saying its coastline will be reinforced and arranged in an accelerated manner.

The PM said the estimated cost of the mentioned works would be around Gel 20 million.

“Executive Government Meeting will discuss an issue of rural road rehabilitation in 12 municipalities with a total budget of almost 80 Million GEL," he added.