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Monday, September 17
By Mariam Chanishvili

German Chancellor Says Russia Stirring Conflicts in Other Countries

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel addressed German soldiers deployed in Lithuania. During her speech, she noted that Russia is destabilizing the situation in Georgia and other post-Soviet countries.

She also noted that some countries, including Georgia, were trying to restore their territorial integrity since Russia has seized a part of their territories.

"We see that almost all former Soviet republics, which are not members of the EU and NATO, have to deal with the internal conflicts whipped up by Russia," she said.

It is worth mentioning that during her visit to Georgia in August, Merkel criticized the continued presence of Russian soldiers in Moscow-backed separatist regions.

Germany deployed over 500 troops in Lithuania as part of a NATO mission to reassure eastern allies and deter Russia in 2017.

Stoltenberg: Georgia and NATO are Important for Each Other

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg made a statement during the Heritage Foundation seminar in Washington, that Georgia and NATO are important to one another.

"NATO strongly supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia and of course, we don't recognize the presence of Russian forces in parts of Georgia," Jens Stoltenberg said.

He said that NATO helps Georgia implement reforms and provide political as well as practical support, noting that Georgia is making progress.

"Georgia is making progress. We welcome that. We will continue to support," Stoltenberg said.

"Georgia participates in NATO exercises, contributing, sending its troops to our missions in Afghanistan. Georgia is important for NATO and NATO is important for Georgia and we will continue to strengthen our partnership," he said.

It is worth mentioning that NATO is establishing training centers in Georgia.