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Senior Health Official Detained for Illegal Sale of Psychotropic Drugs

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, September 25
Chairperson of the State Regulatory Agency for Medical Activities of the Ministry of Health of Georgia Gia Tvalavadze was among the 20 individuals who were charged on Monday with illegal sale of psychotropic drugs.

The Georgian State Security Service reported that Tvalavadze supported the illegal sale of drugs in 15 different pharmacies in Tbilisi and Gori and was receiving a share from the illegal activity.

The State Security Service said that the 20 people involved in the alleged offense had received more than 4 million GEL benefit through the sale of drugs, “affecting the state interests.”

If convicted the detainees may be sentenced to three-five years in prison.

Tvalavadze faces tougher punishment than others as together with the illegal entrepreneurial activity by a group he is charged with the misuse of official powers.

The Georgian Health Ministry reported that they are waiting for the outcomes of the investigation.

“We hope that the investigation will establish the full picture in the shortest period of time enabling us to defeat the pharmacy drug addiction. As for Gia Tvalavadze, the court will bring a final verdict about him,” the ministry representative said.

The Georgian Dream ruling party lawmakers said that “everyone is equal before the law,” and said that state government “is intolerable” to drug crimes.

Selling of psychotropic drugs is allowed only with prescriptions.