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Acting US Ambassador: Georgia Took Steps for Developing Election System

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, September 25
Elizabeth Rood, acting US ambassador to Georgia, says Georgia has made important steps for developing a free and fair electoral system.

The acting ambassador made the statement at the Strategic Communications Forum: Multi-stakeholder Solutions for Strengthening Georgia’s Democratic Narrative, held in Tbilisi on September 24.

"The United States has always supported the development of a free and fair electoral system and it is worth noting that Georgia has made very important steps in this regard, she stated.

In addition, Roods said that in cooperation with other international organizations, the US will observe the election process in Georgia.

“The Embassy will have an observation mission and we hope that it will be another opportunity of Georgia’s commitment to conduct fair elections,” she noted.

According to her, politicians should have constant communication with the voters in order to share their goals.

"Strategic communication helps us to demonstrate that our move is dignified. Besides the fact that we provide information, we also receive information through strategic communication. This is not only a democratic process but an important part of its survival,” the acting ambassador underlined.

Moreover, Elizabeth Rood spoke about the increased inflow of disinformation, adding communication with the voters can eliminate this problem and raise people’s awareness about the elections and candidates.

“In such a situation the government is obliged to apply to a voter with clear messages. It is not mandatory to always agree with each other. Democracy is often made up of contradictory positions, but important issues for Georgia, such as economic development, integration with western institutions, membership of NATO, need to be often discussed,” she said.

According to her, the Georgian government should disseminate information on its strategy and policy to everyone. In addition, according to the US ambassador, the national strategy of Georgia should be more detailed.

“Messages to the public are of utmost importance. We all want Georgia's success. We all want the public to get the right information to choose the right path forward,” the acting ambassador stated.

Presidential elections will take place on October 28 in Georgia.