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Tbilisi Gov’t Vows Better Air in Capital

By Levan Khutsishvili
Friday, November 2
On October 31, Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi Maia Bitadze stated that from 2019 Tbilisi City hall will start controlling the air conditioning in the capital city. As Bitadze said City Hall is planning to address the main reason for air pollution - construction.

"In order to control dust particles in the air, a legislative package has been prepared, which envisages tightening regulations in terms of packaging norms, as well as placing and transporting construction materials during construction. One of the main causes of air pollution is dust particles and these regulations, which in general envisaging new sanctions in the current legislation, we believe that will be supported by parliament at the autumn session. And then, from 2019, we will control the main problem of air pollution.

According to Maia Bitadze, everyone who will not obey the regulation will need to pay around 100-200 GEL, almost the same as in any other offenses in the field of environmental protection. According to the Deputy Mayor. the sanctions will be strict and City Hall will ensure its efficient execution. However, if the company needs to pay 100 or 200 GEL for air pollution, then it will be very difficult to call this kind of sanction strict because 200 GEL for a huge construction company is nothing. As Bitadze stated, City Hall will continue consultations with parliament about the number of sanctions, so the final decision about the price for pollution is still not decided.

Ecologist and experts of environmental protection, based on the research done by international and local organizations, the level of air pollution in Tbilisi is very high, and main contributors are transportation and construction sector.

"All research shows that the main reason for air pollution in Tbilisi is transport and after that constructions and in regions where we have industrial zones, other means of pollution are measured, for example, manganese in Chiatura "- said Manana Kochladze, Chairwomen of “Green Alternative”.

The Mayor of Tbilisi also believes that without strict control, it will be difficult to solve the air pollution problem in Tbilisi. As he said, construction area should be surrounded by special nets to isolate space and prevent the spreading of dust, all other activities connected with construction that creates the threat of air pollution should be regulated, and every offense should be strictly punished with sanctions. After the initiatives in the transportation field Tbilisi City Hall started to regulate construction sector, in order to create a better living condition in the capital city.