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19th Tbilisi International Film Festival

By Mariam Chanishvili
Friday, November 2
The 19th Tbilisi International Film Festival will be held on December 3-9.

“Georgian Panorama”, “International Competition”, “The Horizons”, “Made in Germany” and other sections will be offered throughout the festival.

To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Baltic States, one of the programs will be dedicated to the cinematography from these countries.

The Embassies and film centers of the three countries are supporting the festival.

It is worth mentioning that in cooperation with the Embassy of Italy, the audience will see the acknowledged works of the latest Italian cinema.

In cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden and Swedish Film Institute, the program “Bergman-100” will be presented, where the audience will have the opportunity to see films of the Swedish filmmaker, including: “Wild Strawberries”, “Persona”, “Autumn Sonata” etc.

This year’s festival features special workshops as well. Pitching workshops for directors is available within the frames of the festival. Submission deadline is 12 November.

Tbilisi International Film Festival was founded in 2000.

The main and most important part of the festival is the debut of the European directors of the new generation and the International Competition of the full feature films.

Usually, the International jury consisting of five members awards the winners with the official prizes.

Tbilisi Film Festival is held at the end of the year, screening the films that have been successful worldwide.

Tickets will be available a few days before the commencement of the festival.