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6-Year Old Boy Dies after Company’s Rock Obtaining Explosions

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, November 2
6-year old boy, Giga Osanadze, died in his uncle’s garden after the company was carrying out explosive works to obtain rock.

The incident took place in village Dologan, Keda Municipality, Adjara Region. According to the official information, released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Georgia, a stone hit the child and he died in the garden of his uncle’s house.

The investigation is in progress under the Article 240 II part of the Criminal Code of Georgia: violation of the safety rules in the field of mining and construction, resulting in the death of a person. The offense is punishable by imprisonment from two to five years.

MIA says that three people, citizens of Turkey, who were carrying out the explosion works have been arrested.

The ministry explained that these people were carrying out the works illegally, without observing safety rules and regulations of mining.

“During the investigation, the responsibility of other persons might also be revealed,” the statement of MIA reads.

According to the trade union, the main reason for the tragedy in Keda is the negligence of the operator company and the absence of effective supervising institution in the labor field.

The union says the house, where the boy died, is located 100 meters away from the place, where STRUIJK GROUP GEORGIA contractor companies - Albayrak and Dynamit were carrying out the explosion works to obtain rock.

The trade union added it should be investigated if the companies had the permission of carrying out the works at that territory.

“Before the start of the explosive works, the operator company's mining-geologists must explore the explosion epicenter and the surrounding area to create an explosion scheme which includes all kinds of necessary parameters,” the statement of the trade union reads.