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Friday, November 16
Tskhinvali’s de-facto regime renovated their unlawfully placed border barriers

Representatives of The Tskhinvali de-facto regime have started renovating so-called border barriers on occupied territories between the villages of Dudukantsari and Khurvaleti. After the Russia-Georgia war in 2008, Russian forces invaded the territories and are moving their administrative borders further into Georgia. These borders are not recognized internationally.

“They have not erected new barbed wires. Representatives of the de-facto regime installed the so-called border barriers in 2010 and they are repairing them now due to the damages inflicted over the years.

This sad reality is going on for 10 years now. The reports are saying that new barbed wires are being installed are not true,” says Roin Adikashvili, a representative for the Municipality of Gori Mayor.

The Georgian Foreign Minister along with Danish parliament discusses the situation in occupied territories

According to the official sources, The Georgian Foreign Minister, David Zalkaliani held a meeting with Danish Parliament’s Foreign, Defence and European Affairs Committees and discussed issues in the field of the security and human rights in occupied territories of Georgia. The meeting highlighted Denmark’s and international communities support for Georgia.

Zalkaliani focused on Georgian Parliament’s resolution imposing sanctions on Tatunashvili-Otkhozoria list and development processes in Georgia.

The meeting underlined Georgia’s developing democracy and clarified that it is now considered as a leader country in the Eastern Partnership. Georgia also received a positive assessment regarding the implementation process of the Association agreement which supports the European Parliament’s Resolution of 14th of November 2018. The members of the Danish Parliament pledged future support throughout the cooperation. (By Liza Norwich-Gerwik)