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Science Contest ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’

By Keti Donadze
Monday, November 19
The exhibition and the award ceremony of the contest ‘Student Inventors and Researchers – Leonardo Da Vinci 2018’ was held at the TBC Gallery on November 15.

The list of winners of the competition features students of different ages.

Students of Georgian English Spanish School, Aia-Gess, received a grand-prix by presenting the project ‘Health Care’- Multifunctional Monitoring System of Environment.

Senaki St.Aleksi Shushenia Orthodox school project: universal device for the blind received the first place prize.

Other winners were from Sachkhere and Kutaisi.

Pupils of inventors and researchers participated in a project -‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ announced by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation in January 2018.

Participants included V-XII grade students from Tbilisi and following regions: Kutaisi, Rustavi, Sagarejo, Batumi, Vani, Khoni, Sachkere, Tsilkani. Participants presented their invention parallel to the final project with 10 judge experts in a presentation format.

The competition was held in scientific research and engineering directions. The following applications were: mechanical engineering, robotics and intellectual machines, physics and astronomy, environmental science, chemistry, biology, biomedical and health sciences, etc.

The winners were revealed in the first stage of the competition through following criterions: research, and methodology, creativity and presentation skills. The idea of a new solution to the technical problem was highlighted in all projects, which is related to the product or product adoption technology.

Authors of the Grand Prix will travel abroad for a cognitive tour. The first place received 5000 GEL, the second place-3000 GEL, and the author of the third place project was awarded 2000 GEL.

TBC Status Charity awarded a special prize - a monthly scholarship for the author of the special project.

TBC Bank’s scholarship was obtained by the high school senior - Iver Jajanidze - for the project ‘MineGuard’. The Robot MineGuard is equipped with gas sensors, sample spoon and video cameras that make continuous observation possible.

Inventors and researchers of the contest ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ form part of the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science and Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation.

TBC Bank has been supporting the project since 2016. The contest aims to popularize science and attract young children to the field. Since 2010, the total of 402 applications was submitted, out of which, 53 projects were considered as inventions.