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Six Ukrainians Detained in Tbilisi, Police Investigates Links with Georgian Opposition

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, December 4
Six Ukrainian and one Georgian citizens were detained in Tbilisi on December 2nd and have been charged with illegal purchase and possession of arms.

Georgian Interior Ministry says that they came to Georgia on November 27 and police are now investigating whether or not the arrival was connected with the December 2nd opposition rally in central Tbilisi.

Georgian media reported that former Georgian serviceman who fought in Ukrainian battalion Donbass Luka Chkhetia is among the detainees.

His father Sergo Chkhetia told reporters that his son was going to participate in the opposition protest rally.

Police did not identify the detainees, only said that they were detained in the hotels of Guru and Alliance on the Likhauri Street in Tbilisi and that weapons and ammunition have been seized.

Ukraine’s president adviser Yuriy Biryukov said that among the Ukrainian citizens who were detained in Georgia, was the Supreme Rada MP and battalion Donbass commander Semen Semenchenko.

“I have various contacts. They confirm the information that Semenchenko is in Tbilisi, that Semenchenko has dragged us into the diplomatic scandal, that Semenchenko has framed his people and fled the last moment,” he said.

The Ukrainian media also reported that his status “saved” Semenchenko from detention.

Semenchenko confirmed that he is in Tbilisi but called rumors to his escape and possible links with the opposition rally protesting against the election results in Georgia.

“The people who are detained now were not present at the rally at all,” Semenchnko said.

He stated that he was waiting for the outcomes of legal procedures.

The detainees may face imprisonment from eight to twelve years.