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Georgia to Have GEL 13.09 Billion Budget in 2019

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, December 6
Georgiaís budget has been increased by GEL 630.5 million for the next year and in total it will amount to GEL 13.09 billion.

In specific, the budget funds amounted to GEL 11,696,200,000, grants - GEL 92,700,000 and credits - GEL 1,301,100,000.

The final budget amounted to GEL 92.4 million more than it was envisaged during the second presentation of the draft.

In the final version, the state budget revenues were determined by GEL 12,863,800,000 while the labor remuneration has been increased by GEL 1.47 billion.

Other basic parameters of 2019 budget are: GDP deflator - 3.5%; Inflation - 3.0%; Budget deficit - 2.6%.

"Despite positive tendencies, it was decided to plan budget following conservative forecasts, as some of our trading partner's trends in the country's economy may have a negative impact on our foreign demand, which, of course, will negatively affect our goods and services ,Ē the explanatory note of the draft budget reads.

In addition, the funding of the state institutions looks as follows:

- The funding of the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs amounts to GEL 4 billion. Financing of the Ministry increased by more than GEL 344 million compared to 2018 budget. According to the explanatory note, the increase in funding is mainly caused by the increase of social allowances for persons with disabilities by GEL 20.

- Funding for the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure has increased by GEL 35 million compared to the previous version of the bill and amounts to GEL 2 billion which is GEL 174.8 million more compared to 2018 budget.

- Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport will be financed by 1,508,500,000 GEL, which is GEL 47 million more compared to the previous year budget.

- The funds allocated to the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture amounted to GEL 338,900,000 which is GEL 64 million more compared to 2018.

- The funding of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development has also increased in comparison to the previous draft budget project and amounts to 369,500,000 GEL;

- Ministry of Finance of Georgia will get 91 million GEL from the budget

- The amount of allocated funding to the Ministry of Justice exceeds GEL 181 million in 2019

- 136,500 million GEL will be allocated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

- 875 million GEL will be allocated for the Ministry of Defense, which is 5 million more than envisaged by the previous draft

- The Interior Ministry joined with the Emergency Situations Management Service and the allocated funding for the next year for the ministry will be 741,600,000 GEL. The funding includes the expenditures for increased salaries of the policemen, rescuers, and fire-fighters.

- The budget of the State Security Service will be GEL 136 million and it also includes funds for increasing salaries of certain rank employees.

- The Prosecutorís Office of Georgia will get from the budget GEL 37.3 million

- GEL 57.5 million will be allocated for the Special State Protection Service of Georgia

- Public Defenderís apparatus will be financed by GEL 6.4 million.

- Legal Aid Service will have 6,4 million GEL budget in 2019

- The personal data protection inspector apparatus will get GEL 2.8 million GEL for the next year.

The next year's budget was planned for 4.5% of economic growth.