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‘Your Toy Story’ Turns Kids’ Drawings into Real-Life Toys

By Mariam Chanishvili
Thursday, December 6
The start-up ‘Your Toy Story’ makes childhood dreams come true; they turn children’s drawings into real-life toys. The toys are reflections of the kids’ creativity and imagination, which they can cherish forever.

It is worth mentioning that the start-up has become popular not only in Georgia but also abroad.

The start-up team has created about 50 toys and has more requests and orders.

The Messenger had a chance to interview ‘Your Toy Story’ team.

-How did you get inspired to design toys?

It is natural that the source of our inspiration were our and not only our children with their magical world. Our aim is to give children a chance to preserve their childhood experiences and let adults travel back to the careless times full of love and happiness, even if it lasts only for several minutes.

-How many toys have you made so far and how often do you create them?

We have created about 50 toys for now. We try to revive at least 2-3 toys a week.

-Do you prefer to design/create toys for a specific gender or age range?

We create toys for kids, specifically from the day when the child learns to hold a pencil and draw from his or her imagination on a sheet of paper – exactly from that age.

Any person from any age group can draw from imagination and we will be more than happy to transform it into a real-life toy.

-What is the toy-creation process like?

Customer sends us a high-quality picture of the drawing and in about a week, we sew an exact version of a plush toy from the drawing in accordance with the size requested by the customer.

We deliver a product ourselves because we find each reaction, evaluation, and emotion very important, useful and interesting.

-How popular is ‘Your Toy Story’?

We have become very popular in a very short period of time and there is not a single day when we don't receive orders and that is why we are grateful for our customers.