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Tbilisi New Year Book Festival

By Mariam Chanishvili
Monday, December 10
Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association (GPBA) is traditionally organizing Tbilisi New Year Book Festival on December 21-23 at National Library of Georgia.

Innovations and surprises are coming up for book lovers. The majority of existing publishers in Georgia will be presented with an unprecedented discount to the old and new editions.

The festival aims at popularizing book readings in Georgia, increasing access to books and education in Georgia and promoting literary processes.

The festival offers a chance to purchase books as gifts for family members, friends and valuable people.

The official partner of the event is the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia and the US Embassy in Georgia.

The participants of Tbilisi New Year Book Festival include Alephi, Sulakauri Publishing, Palitra L, Books in Batumi, Poetry, Georgian Comics, Intellect, Indigo, etc.

GPBA is a non-profit legal entity that operates according to Georgian Constitution and Legislation. According to the goals of the Association, its activities are performed on the whole territory of Georgia and abroad.

The association plays a key role in the development of Book Sector in Georgia.

It also defines and protects the interests of the book sector, copyright and freedom of printing in the field of publishing

Tbilisi New Year Book Festival was founded by Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association in 2014 and it is held every year.

The detailed list of events planned within the frames of the festival will be available soon.