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City Hall Slammed for Not Activating Land Use General Plan

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, December 26
Founder of the Civil Movement Aleksandre Elisashvili slams Mayor’s office for not putting Land Use General Plan for vote at the City Assembly, which means that the plan will not be activated from 2019 as it was promised by the City Hall earlier.

Elisashvili says the reason why the City Hall is not in a hurry to adopt the plan is that “it has a deal with the development companies.”

He claims Mayor of Tbilisi, Kakha Kaladze promised this summer that the general plan would take effect on January 1, 2019, but this promise has not been kept.

“There is a New Year in a few years ago, the City Council has not approved the Land Use General Plan yet so it means this is another unfulfilled promise from the mayor," Elisashvili said.

Moreover, he added that the Mayor supports and helps construction companies by not adopting the general plan.

“If the plan takes effect, this means the development companies have to stop constructions at some areas where recreational zones need to be arranged, according to the Land Use General Plan. This is why the Mayor’s office halts the adoption of the plan,” he stressed.

As Tbilisi Mayor and other representatives of the local government have stated several times, Land Use Plan should finish chaotic constructions in Tbilisi and in parallel take into consideration interests and needs of the business sector and the residents of the capital.

The City Hall approved Land Use General Plan, however, only after the confirmation from City Assembly it will take effect and the city development will be regulated by the plan.

The plan includes four new parks and framework plans for 11 developments, including Lisi Lake, Dighomi, and Tbilisi Sea.

The Land Use Master Plan focuses on urban development, cultural heritage protection, the public transport system, environmental protection, economic development, infrastructural organization, and other important directions for Tbilisi.