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Christmas Fair 2019 at Fabrika

By Mariam Chanishvili
Friday, December 28
Open-air winter street markets were associated more specifically with Christmas in Germany from Middle Ages.

Early markets started by only selling meat but evolved to provide other everyday purchases, and eventually seasonal treats, decorations and crafts accompanied by singing and dancing.

Fabrika hosted the third Christmas Fair on December 22-23.

The event featured various activities, including concerts.

New Band presented the short performance with wind instruments and drums on both dates.

The concert of children's orchestra from Zakaria Paliashvili Central Music School took place on December 23.

The official partner of the event was Startuperi, which is launched by TBC bank in Georgia.

Christmas Fair participants were selected by Fabrika staff.

The vendors were selling gifts, Christmas decorations, handmade accessories, snacks, and drinks.

Fabrika is a multi-functional urban space that mixes old Soviet elements with modern design. The exterior is decorated with street art and graffiti.

The venue offers various activities and locations, such as Dive bar, Pipes Burger, Asian cuisine Ukve, a hostel, and a co-working space Impact Hub. There are various events held at its courtyard on a daily basis.