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Monday, January 14
Georgia grants asylum to 82 foreign citizens

Georgia granted asylum to 82 foreign citizens between the period January 1-December 20 of 2018, - the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia reports.

51 of them were granted the status of refugee and 31 – the humanitarian status.

Reportedly, a total of 940 individuals, including 216 citizens of Iran, 76 – of Yemen and 72 of Iraq, were seeking asylum in Georgia during the period.

The majority of the people, who were granted asylum in Georgia, were the citizens of Egypt – 20 citizens (the status of refugee), Yemen – 18 citizens (humanitarian status) and Iraq – 15 (the status of refugee).

The smallest number of citizens, who were granted asylum by Georgia, came from Somali (one individual), Russian (one individual) and Pakistan (one individual).

Tamiflu imported in Georgia

13 thousand packages of Tamiflu, an antiviral medicine against flu, have been imported in Georgia. The medicine was brought to Richard Lugar Laboratory in Tbilisi from where it will be distributed to networks of pharmacies and healthcare institutions.

Davit Sergeenko, Minister of Health and Social Affairs, says that issuance of Tamiflu has begun.

The Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze decided that Tamiflu will be issued free of charge to everyone with doctor’s prescription. The decision was made to prevent the seasonal virus.
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Georgia’s Black Sea region hosts almost 2 million travellers in 2018

The Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara Autonomous Republic announced that 1,931,179 international travellers visited Adjara in 2018, which is 14.7% more compared to 2017.

Countries with the most significant percentage increase were:

Estonia (+88.2%)
Germany (+79.2%)
Great Britain (+33.9%)
Lithuania (+33.2%)
Poland (+11.5%)

Head of the Tourism Department of Adjara Sulkhan Ghlonti said that almost 2 million international travelers is an unprecedented number for the region.

He said that to achieve this goal the tourism department of Adjara actively promoted the region among international travelers through different platforms such as the BBC, Euronews, CNN and Deutsche Welle.

Batumi, the capital of the Adjara region, is already on a number of lists of the most interesting places to visit in 2019, including a list from the New York Times.

Batumi is also one of Airbnb’s top trending destinations for 2019.