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14 of 29 types of tested Georgian cement are low quality

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Friday, February 22
14 out of 29 types of cement made in Georgia, which were checked for quality by the Georgian Cement Association in January 2019, use cheap and faulty materials, while the remaining 15 meet the European EN197-1 standard.

The Georgian Cement Association claims that 52% of the checked cement are of high quality, which is the improvement compared to previous years.

“We checked 36 samples of cement in November 2018 and only 13 of them met European standards, “the association says.

The association states that their activities make companies care about the improvement of the cement quality.

“Those companies which will meet the standards have chances to become the association members,” GCA says.

In August 2017, only four from 27 different tested cements met the standard.

That year approximately 300,000 tonnes of such products were sold to consumers, this is 13 percent of the total cement market.

From 2017, the cement quality control on the Georgian market is coordinated by the GCA. The aim of the GCA is to support Georgian producers in producing a product that responds to the standard set on packaging.

The Georgian Cement Association is tasked to have close communication with governmental agencies and nongovernmental sector.

Starting from 15 January 2019, new regulations have come into play which set high fines and other sanctions for making low-quality construction materials.