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Friday, February 22
Hourly parking rate from July 1

The hourly rate on parking in Tbilisi, initially on several streets will be established from July 1.

As Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze stated at the governmental session on February 20, the pilot project will initially be introduced to Kote Abkhazi (Leselidze) and adjacent streets.

“I would like to talk about zonal, hourly parking, which will be the innovation for our city. In general, the parking system is one of the most powerful tools for municipalities, which gives us the opportunity to regulate traffic in the city, excessive demand for the parking lot, and most importantly, the use of public transport and private cars.

Zonal hourly parking is a model that has been developed in especially crowded cities of Europe and is regarded as one of the most effective means of regulating transportation and traffic systems. We will send hourly parking rules for review and approval to Tbilisi City Assembly, which will be launched on July 1 as a pilot model on several streets,?? said Kaladze.

According to the new rules, the parking fee will be set per hour and the amount will be defined according to zones.

The first area where the rule will spread is Kote Abkhazi Street (Leselidze) and adjacent streets, while the municipality will continue to work on other areas as well.

He also noted that this is not going to affect the parking route around place of residence.

Drivers with no accidents recorded to benefit from Bonus System

For car owners, who have caused several road accidents during the year, the purchase of a compulsory insurance package for the third person will be much more expensive.

The First Deputy Head of First Deputy Insurance State Supervision Service Irakli Tutarashvili noted that the draft law on obligatory insurance three years after the enactment will comprise the introduction of the ‘’bonus-malus’’ system.

“This means that if the driver does not cause a road accident for several years, he will have to pay much less of the insurance amount than the driver who often causes accidents.

According to the "bonus-malus" system, for example, if a driver's car insurance annually costs between 100 and 150 GEL, the law- abiding driver may pay less than 100 GEL, while ‘a bad drivers' insurance will cost more than 150 GEL," Irakli Tutarashvili said.

It is worth mentioning that car owners in Georgia will soon be obliged to have civil liability insurance according to the new bill.

The insurance will cover their liability in case of causing harm to life, health, or the property of another person while driving.

Motorcycles with a 50 cm3 or under engine will pay from between 75 - 110 GEL, while insurance for cars (maximum weight 3,500) will be around 100 - 150 GEL annually. Buses with eight or more seats (excluding the drivers) will be charged 160 - 250 GEL.
(By Mariam Chanishvili)