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Wednesday, April 3
Up to 1000 people expressing the willingness to leave the accumulated pension system

By this time, up to 1000 people have addressed the Pension Agency about leaving the pension scheme – as stated by the Pension Agency.

According to the Agency, the employees over 40 were provided with the relevant information saying that at this stage no one is allowed to leave the scheme, since the 3 months after their first withdrawal has not passed yet.

“Those individuals who have addressed us about leaving the pension scheme have received the relevant consultation, information, saw their own personal pages. In addition, many of them changed their opinion and decided to stay in the scheme. Currently, no citizen has the right to leave the scheme, because the 3 months after their first withdrawal have not passed,”- reports the Pension Agency.

From now on, people, who have turned 40 or more after August 2018, can leave the accumulated pension scheme. According to the Agency, the number of such people is above 200000.

According to the law, three months after the date of the first closed declaration, the employees have the right to write the statement about leaving the accumulated pension scheme. The pension Agency explains that employers have only two months to write the declaration. Otherwise, they will remain involved in the system. After leaving the scheme, the accumulated amount will be returned to the state, employer, employed… within 60 calendar days.

Chief Specialist of military service of Kutaisi City Hall accused of fraud

Anti-Corruption Agency of State Security Service charged the chief specialist of the military service of Kutaisi City Hall, for fraud.

The investigation has established that Gocha M., using his position, was trying to convince the conscript that in the course of his official duties, in exchange of 400 GEL, he postponed his recruitment to the mandatory military service for 6 months.

As requested, he received 400 GEL and by this time was arrested by the Anti-corruption agency.- reports SUS.

The punishment envisages 6 to 9 years of imprisonment.

The defendant was sentenced to imprisonment as a preventive measure by the Tbilisi City Court. The investigation is conducted by the State Security Service Anti-Corruption Agency.
(By Anita Magradze)