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“Body Experience... is the Center of Creation”

By Mariam Chanishvili
Tuesday, April 9
The exhibition -“Body Experience... is the Center of Creation”, supported by TBC Status, will officially open on April 14 at Gallery Project ArtBeat.

The exhibition features works by international artists from different generations.

These artists are Lia Bagrationi, Tamar Chaduneli, Nino Chubinishvili (aka Chubika), Jesse Darling, Salome Dumbadze, Thea Djordjadze, Holly Hendry, Gvantsa Jishkariani, Keti Kapanadze, Katarzyna Przezwanska and Nino Sakandelidze.

Lia Bagrationi is the famous Georgian ceramic artist, who has a very impressive career. She calls herself a “Clay Artist”. Bagrationi’s works don’t belong to one specific style. The archaic era is one of the sources for her inspiration. During the first stage of her career, we can see her interpretations of archaic forms and mythology.

Tamar Chaduneli is Georgian visual artist, born in 1991 in Rustavi, Georgia. On conceptual bases, her work can be characterized by a combination of different media such as sculpture, painting, drawing, video game, animation, procedural installations. Her works investigate the language of visual culture and image production.

Katarzyna Przezwanska, who lives and works in Warsaw, combines both of these fields in an effort to improve the quality of human life, constantly trying to make art useful. She is inspired by vernacular architecture and the 20th-century classics as well as geological phenomena and vegetative processes. Przezwanska is the author of architectural interventions, installations, and paintings, where she often uses natural materials: rocks, minerals, and plants.

The exhibition attempts to reflect on the diversity of the artistic practices, while at the same time highlighting their common gesture to use sculpture as a tool to lead the conversation about the specific potential of sculpture as a means to change the way we view our surroundings.

Due to the fact that the exhibition avoids limiting its focus to any single contemporary art movement, it chooses to incorporate over ten individualistic artworks in a diverse range of used materials addressing sociopolitical, identity, gender, and class issues.

“The show is highlighting the artists' role by using three-dimensional works in order to interpret and comprehend the world around us,” reads the description of the exhibition.

The show will run from 14 April to 25 May 2019.

The exhibition is presented by Gallery Project ArtBeat and TBC Status.

Established in 2014 by Natia Bukia, Natia Chkhartishvili, and Salome Vakhania Project ArtBeat is a contemporary art gallery based in Tbilisi, Georgia. The main goal is to promote carefully selected Georgian and international, mid-career and emerging artists to the international community through the online platform and international art fairs and in order to foster cultural activities within the country.