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EU Ambassador: EU to Monitor By-Elections in Georgia

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, April 9
European Union Ambassador to Georgia Carl Hartzell says the EU will monitor by-elections in Georgia, to be held on April 19.

According to him, it is not clear yet in what form the European Union will take part in the process.

"As for the midterm elections, I am not sure how European Union will take in this process, but it is a guarantee that you will look closely to these events," said Hartzell.

City Council (Sakrebulo) by-elections will be held in eight municipalities though majoritarian election system and Mayoral Extraordinary Elections will be conducted in five municipalities.

Sakrebulo by-elections will be held in Sagarejo, Akhmeta, Adigeni, Zestafoni, Chiatura, Tkibuli, Tskaltubo and Ozurgeti municipality majoritarian election districts. The elections will be held in 26 election precincts in all eight municipalities.

Also, the Central Election Commission (CEC) appointed Extraordinary Mayoral Elections in Marneuli, Zestafoni, Chiatura, Zugdidi and Khulo municipalities. They will be held in 362 election precincts.

Parliamentary by-elections through majoritarian election system will be held in N1 Mtatsminda election district. The elections became necessary after the district majoritarian MP, Salome Zurabishvili became the first female president of Georgia in November 2018.

CEC reports that on May 19, Parliamentary by-elections, Sakrebulo by-elections, and Extraordinary Mayoral Elections will be held in 410 election precincts and the total number of voters amount to 401 750.