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International Medics Charity Association – activities and goals

Prepared by Mariam Chanishvili
Tuesday, April 16
A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a non-profit organization that operates independently of any government, typically one whose purpose is to address a social or political issue.

As Democracy & Freedom Watch noted, ‘there is no clear definition of non-governmental organization… They are not part of the government, and neither are they primarily out to make money. This form of advocacy has become essential in modern development work, both in promoting policy and directly helping people.’

Founded by the students of Tbilisi State Medical University, International Medics Charity Association (IMCA) is a non-governmental organization.

The organization has implemented various projects and has become very active recently.

The lecture on Public Health took place at Tbilisi State University on April 13. IMCA and Career Planning Center organized this project intending to help high school students to choose future career paths. By the end of the lecture, students were divided into groups and elaborated plans for solving existing problems in the Georgian healthcare field.

The Messenger decided to ask the representatives of the organization several questions on its activities and vision.

- Tell us about your work and your goals.

International Medics Charity Association (IMCA) is a non-governmental organization, which was founded by the students of Tbilisi State Medical University with the only idea to create a more accessible way to humanity. The mission is to promote the establishment of a modern, healthy, educated and perfect society. The association works in three main directions: social, educational and charitable projects. Raising Medical awareness in Georgia is IMCA's starting point.

- What are your key achievements?

IMCA has already implemented some projects, including some educational lectures for young participants who try to choose their future professions, which were supported by the Career Planning Center.

Also, IMCA has just started some different charity projects. Recently, the association has started a challenge ‘Be Clean Be Green,’ which is supported by Tbilisi City Hall. Within the event, the representatives of the association and other volunteers, all 30 in total, cleaned up the territory of the Botanical Garden of Tbilisi. IMCA is looking for donors and as it grows, promises to help more and more people who are in need of a helping hand.

- What is your opinion and approach on human rights' issues in the country and worldwide?

Human rights issues in our country and worldwide are represented as one of the most important and valuable topics. The Association is trying to eliminate the problem by its efforts with different kinds of projects and activities.

- What can be done in terms of improving the existing issues?

It is important to create a highly developed country and improve all the existing problems, to increase the quality of youth service and youth work, formal and non-formal education. The main point is raising a sociable role in every human. IMCA will do its best to raise social awareness in medical issues and social responsibility in our society.