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GD Political Secretary is sure the ruling party will win by-elections

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, April 16
Ex-Prime Minister of Georgia and the current Political Secretary of the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party, Irakli Gharibashvili is sure that GD will win the upcoming May 19 by-elections.

Gharibashvili, who returned to politics in early March after a three-year pause, says that all conducted researches proved GD is going to win the elections.

In his interview with Imedi TV, Gharibashvili said that if there is the necessity for the run-offs, it is a normal process.

However, he added that the disappointment of the population in the regions is understandable, as there are some problems which make a significantly negative effect.

GD Political Secretary touched upon the issue of Zugdidi Mayor Lasha Gogia, who with his deputy Gia Gulordava, was arrested on charges relating to corruption on November 1.

“I would like to apologize before Zugdidi locals for this case sincerely. For two years, there were no infrastructural or any other important projects underway. It caused dissatisfaction of the locals, of course. We have such problems in other regions as well,” he added.

Gharibashvili said that the ruling party would maximally activate its work to eliminate such problems in the regions and to control all executive branches properly.

“The disappointment of our supporters is very natural. There are small problems that can affect in bigger ways. Therefore, our main focus is now on active work,” he said.

Ex-PM also underlined that being in power does not mean people have immunity and can do whatever they want.

“Some people think they are untouchable and that they can avoid their official duties. It will not happen this way. I want to remind everyone that they are accountable before the people first and the party will carry out the control how well they perform their duties,” he stressed.

On April 6, the Georgian Dream party presented Giorgi Shengelia, incumbent Deputy Mayor of Zugdidi, as a candidate for the upcoming mayoral by-elections in this western Georgian municipality.

Gharibashvili also attended the presentation, where he noted that the GD would never allow “revanchist, destructive forces to return to power; there will never be another oppressive regime in Georgia.

He also added that “there will be no peace in the country if we do not minimize and eradicate these risks.”

City Council (Sakrebulo) by-elections will be held in eight municipalities though majoritarian election system and Extraordinary Mayoral Elections will be held in five municipalities.

Sakrebulo by-elections will be conducted in Sagarejo, Akhmeta, Adigeni, Zestafoni, Chiatura, Tkibuli, Tskaltubo and Ozurgeti municipality majoritarian election districts. The elections will be held in 26 election precincts in all eight towns.

Also, the Central Election Commission (CEC) appointed Extraordinary Mayoral Elections in Marneuli, Zestafoni, Chiatura, Zugdidi and Khulo municipalities. They will be held in 362 election precincts.

Parliamentary by-elections through majoritarian election system will be held in N1 Mtatsminda election district. The elections became necessary after the majoritarian district MP, Salome Zurabishvili became the first female president of Georgia in November 2018.

On May 19, Parliamentary by-elections, Sakrebulo by-elections, and Extraordinary Mayoral Elections will be held in 410 election precincts and the total number of voters amount to 401,750.