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Urban Studies and Planning Practices - Italian City Experience

By Mariam Chanishvili
Friday, July 26
The Georgian National Museum Auditorium (entrance from the Purtseladze Street) will host a conference organized by RED Fund on July 27, at 11:00.

Within the frames of “Urban2Days,” the conference will be held on the following topic: “Urban Studies and Planning Practices – Italian City Experience.”

The key speakers of the conference will be the author of the Bologna Structural Plan and the Head of Urban Service - Patrizia Gabellini and Professor Bertrando Bonfantini, Head of Urban Engineering Master Program of the Polytechnic University of Milan.

Along with the example of the Italian cities, the conference will feature discussions on various municipalities of Georgia, and the Open Discussion will be held on important, topical urban issues.

Contemporary urban planning form involves various technical products, including non-formal products, economic and financial reports, environmental impact assessments, equalizing procedures, drafted by specialists, etc.

In 1929 the first Italian urban planning exhibition was held, and Luigi Piccinato describes it by emphasizing its richness and confusion, positions that are out of date and innovative.

The event is organized by RED Fund, Embassy of Italy in Georgia and Georgian National Museum. Attendance to the event is free of charge.

The Red Fund’s goals feature initiating of urban transformation with assistance of civic complicity for urban and regional development, maintaining city/cities development in view of social, cultural and economic balance, promoting citizens’ involvement in the process of making decisions, popularizing science and education, Implementation innovative approaches and new technologies, advocating integration of research outcomes in shaping of municipality policies and strategies, etc.

To achieve the goals the fund carries out educational, research and pilot projects, cooperates with different social groups, NGOs, governmental institutions and universities, representatives of the business sector, international and local funds.