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President of Georgia hosts the celebration of Constitution Day

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, August 26
The President of Georgia, Salome Zourabichvili hosted an event dedicated to the celebration of the Day of the Constitution on August 24. Representatives of the Georgian government, current and former officials of the executive, legislative and judicial authorities.

During her speech, President talked about the importance of the day, current challenges that the country faces and the ways that Georgia can overcome them. According to her, as a president, she is involved in every process which is dedicated to the strengthening of democracy and ensures the unification of the society.

According to Zourabichvili, 2020 will be very important for Georgia because of the upcoming elections. “I expect that the steps are taken to improve the electoral system lately will eventually be consolidated and reflected in the constitution. I hope that we will improve our political language and along with the right to freedom of expression, which must be fully protected, we will also be able to find ways to regain the Georgian manner and polite language,” stressed the President.

As the president noted, she is very proud that the highest responsibility of the President is to uphold the Constitution and adhere to its principles, “just as the Constitution itself says, the President is the guarantor of the country's unity and national independence.”

The Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze, talked about the importance of the day for Georgian history, as he noted," the first Georgian Republic was not forgiven its aspirations for freedom by its internal or external enemies, but being successors of our great ancestors, we have a special mission to protect the Constitution of Georgia and to pursue our national interests today.”

Head of Government of Georgia focused on the new edition of the Constitution and noted that it is based on the Constitution of the First Republic. According to the PM of Georgia, certain amendments were made to the Constitution over these 24 years, “some were heavy and did not serve the needs of solidified democracy in Georgia.”

Prime Minister also talked about the new initiative to hold the 2020 elections with a new proportional method. "Raison d’état approach of our political team has also resulted in proposing a most significant initiative, according to which general elections in Georgia will be held with a proportional system in 2020. It envisages a so-called zero threshold. It is yet another firm step made towards strengthening and consolidating democracy in Georgia" noted the Prime Minister.

The Chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia, Archil Talakvadze also attended the meeting. According to him, “the new edition of the Constitution is the calling card of our country in the civilized world.”

The Speaker of the Parliament congratulated the guests on the Constitution Day. As he said, he is proud of the fact that the Constitution of the First Republic of Georgia, approved by the Constituent Assembly in 1921, was based on progressive principles and European values. According to him, it is also important that the Ninth Convocation of the Parliament succeeded in fulfilling its historic mission, successfully implementing a constitutional reform and adopting a new constitution – “a sophisticated legal document that is a solid foundation for the long-term democratic development of the Georgian state.”

During the celebration, a special exhibition of documents preserved in the National Archive was held. Constitution Day is marked on August 24 in Georgia. On this day in 1995, officials signed the Constitution – the country’s basis of law.