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Two forest fires localized in Georgia

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, August 26
Georgia’s fire-fighters managed to extinguish two fires in the country – in Kakheti and Shida Kartli regions.

In Shida Kartli the fire broke out in a forest near the village of Sakavre, near city Gori, a couple of days ago. All major pockets of the fire have been localized on Sunday and firefighters and rescuers remain on the spot to completely extinguish the fire.

Three border police helicopters were involved in firefighting operations since morning, one up from yesterday.

The Emergency Management Service of Georgia says the situation is currently under control in Sakvare. As reported, around 10 hectares of the woodland was destroyed by the fire.

“For monitoring, we are leaving groups continuously to visit the area and take measures if necessary,” Levan Girsiashvili, Deputy Head of Emergency Management Service said.

As for the second forest fire, in parallel, three helicopters were involved in fire-extinguishing works near Akhalsopeli village, Kvareli district of eastern Kakheti region.

Although the fire had been localized, the helicopters and the heavy machinery stay on the spot to prevent any potential risks.

Irakli Kadagishvili, Governor of Kakheti said the fire-extinguishing works had been in active phase on Sunday and when the Ministry of Defense fire-fighting equipment was involved, it became possible to put up the fire.

“The situation in Akhalsopeli forest is under full control and there is no danger of fire spread anymore,” he stated.

Temur Mghebrishvili, Head of Emergency Situations Management Service headed the emergency headquarters established in Akhalsopeli for liquidation of the fire.

The fire became hard to localize due to difficult relief and strong wind. The rescuers and fire-fighters had to make a way in the forest to take special equipment there. However, as Emergency Situations Management Service says, the situation is under control at the site right now.

“We worked intensively during the whole night. Currently we can say that the fire has been localized. Due to the difficult terrain, the special equipment of the Ministry of Defense was involved in the works, which provided additional water to the firefighters,” the agency said.