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Representatives of Georgian Dream call European Georgia “Russian force”

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Wednesday, September 18
Dimitri Tskitishvili, a member of the Georgian Dream parliamentary majority, called the representatives of the opposition, members of European Georgia, Bolsheviks. According to him, they seem to not be able to go far from the “Bolshevik political thinking.”

On September 17, at the plenary sitting of Parliament, the dispute over a draft resolution prepared by European Georgia, which says that the occupation of Georgian territories should be on the agenda of international representatives, continued. The resolution is not supported by the ruling Georgian Dream party.

According to Tskitishvili, the document presented by the “so-called pro-western party” is a primitive attempt to use occupation and people’s emotions for their own good.

The Georgian Dream MP addressed one of the authors of the draft resolution, a member of European Georgia, Sergi Kapanadze, as the former deputy foreign minister in the United National Movement government, and asked him why they were unable to enforce sanctions against Russia in 2008 when the most realistic opportunity existed.

Tskitishvili recalled that the Speaker of Parliament called the European Georgia a “toxic force” and noted, “you are a precisely political toxic force that tries to use even the sincerest protest for their political interests."

According to the European Georgia lawmaker, Sergi Kapanadze, the Georgian Dream is a pro-Russian force because of the growing pro-Putin forces in Georgia, as never before. According to Kapanadze, it was the Georgian Dream that strengthened the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia, well-known for their pro-Russian views, the party even managed to be in the parliament.

A member of European Georgia has also accused the Georgian Dream of financing publications that are "directly related to Russian messages".

"You are a pro-Russian force also because in recent years you have created a narrative that Georgia started the war and you chose a president who was spreading this message actively," said Sergi Kapanadze. He also noted that a good example of Georgian Dream pro-Russian policy is the fact that its partners no longer talk to Russia about Georgia, according to Kapanadze, Georgian Dream made Western partners think that relations with Russia would be resolved through dialogue.

Mamuka Mdinaradze, the Chairperson of Georgian Dream said that European Georgia is not a pro-Russian, it is directly Russian force, “because during your governance you were doing the job of Russia.” Mdinaradze also accused European Georgia of double standards.

According to Mdinaradze, the former ruling party representatives need only a campaign which is designed to lie to the people of Georgia.

Following the speech of the Chairman of the Georgian Dream Faction, Sergo Ratiani, an MP from European Georgia, congratulated the majority on their "achievements".

“Deutsche Welle praised the achievements and said the Georgian Parliament had supported the man of Moscow as a prime minister. This is your greatest achievement,” Ratiani said.

Ratiani also noted that it is a “great achievement” of the Georgian government that a Communist lawmaker from Russia's Duma, Gavrilov liked the decision of appointing Gakharia as a Prime Minister.

According to the draft resolution prepared by the opposition party, the government should be tasked with diplomatic and political measures to withdraw the occupation forces from Georgia and fulfill the 2008 ceasefire agreement in line with EU and US sanctions imposed on Russia.