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Tbilisi hosts two exhibitions by Polish and Ukrainian artists

By Lizi Zurabiani
Tuesday, October 8
In the frames of the 5th anniversary of partnership with Tbilisi, Lublin City Office with the support of the Polish Embassy in Tbilisi hosted two exhibitions on October 6th: Our First Kiss-Machine by Arthur Polek and Lublintone, Lublin- silver on glass by Roman Kravchenko from Crimea, Ukraine. The exhibitions took place on the premises of the EU & NATO Information Center.

The exhibition was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Lublin, Beata Stepaniuk. She delivered a speech in which she thanked everyone for attending. She also welcomed the members of the Tbilisi City Hall. She thanked them for coming and supporting the exhibition, she also thanked Tamar Tsilosani, the director of the EU & NATO Information Center. “This is the first exhibition of Lublin artists in Tbilisi and I hope it will not be the last one,” said the Deputy Mayor.

Maka Nasrashvili, the head of Tbilisi City Hall culture civil service, also attended the exhibition and said a few words of gratitude. “It is very important for us to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our friendship with Lublin. Cities are highly cooperative in cultural and educational terms,” said Maka Nasrashvili.

There were two exhibitions presented. The first one was “Our First Kiss-Machine” by Arthur Polek who also attended. “This exhibition represents a fragment of my work. These are small graphic works. This exhibition combines both old and newly created works. These graphs are created with special technology, the old Renaissance name being "Aqua Forte". These are pictures created with water, iron matrix and zinc. A key part of this technology is to transfer the created matrix to paper. Picture names are also very important,” said the artist.

The second exhibition was a work of Roman Kravchenko, called “Lublin- Silver on Glass”. He is an inhabitant of Crimea, Ukraine, but he recently moved to Lublin and is currently living there. He is using the technology of photography from the 19th century. It is a glass with a foil and silver and therefore it makes the picture the only copy. Even though he wasn’t able to attend the exhibition, he still sent a video expressing his gratitude towards everyone that came.

“Attending these kinds of exhibitions is a great opportunity to discover new ideas and find new inspirations in terms of photographic techniques and to see my beloved Lublin. On behalf of Lublin’s City Hall and Workshops of Culture of Lublin, I’d like to invite all residents of Georgia to visit Lublin, Workshops of Culture in Lublin and Photography Workshop. I think you remember the year 2008. It was the turning point when everything changed both in my life and yours. That’s why I believe that we need to support one another, like friends. Thank you very much, see you,” said Roman Kravchenko.

It should be mentioned that both exhibitions were different and exquisite in their way. Mr. Arthur Polek’s work was magnificent and deep, Mr. Roman Kravchenko’s work, on the other hand, was very sophisticated and very clearly portrayed the beauty of Lublin.