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Prime-Minister Giorgi Gakharia meets with the representatives of the Tourism Sector

By Inga Kakulia
Wednesday, October 9
PM Gakharia invited all the members of the Tourism sector to openly discuss and criticize the current state of this sphere in Georgia. The Prime Minister met representatives of the Tourism sector, shared his approach and plans.

Gakharia assured the attendees that no grand decision would be put in action without discussing it with the representatives of the Tourism Sector first.

“The general approach is very simple, fast, and most importantly, sustainable development of the economy is sure to depend first of all on the business environment, business development and therefore on how quickly and effectively the business can create jobs. That's our main goal, so we started with the tourism sector, because in recent years it's been the biggest breakthrough, the biggest growth we've had, and most importantly, the transfer effect in this area has been great.”

According to Gakharia, in 2020, GEL 115 million will be spent on tourism and decisions will be made through communication with the business sector.

The prime minister's press office states that the minister has plans to do several sectoral business meetings and started with the Tourism sector.

In 2018 Georgia had over 7 million visitors to the country and about $ 3.2-3.3 billion in revenue for the economy. Gakharia highlighted the success of the industry but also mentioned a few challenges.

“It is the function of the government to help you diversify markets, create new tourism products and, of course, create the best investment environment in the sector, which is our primary objective… Now our task is to figure out how to spend this money efficiently and quickly,” said Gakharia.

For the Prime-Minister ultimate goal is very simple - more tourists in the country, more income, more jobs and, of course, more awareness of the country.

“Our task is to figure out directions on how to spend this money quickly and efficiently. In specific cases, you may have problems that can be solved bureaucratically, non-bureaucratically, subjectively or objectively, I promise that it will take days where possible. It is very important for us to mobilize additional energy in the economy immediately, ”said PM during the meeting.

Gakharia also encouraged more open communication between the government and the tourism sector.

"I want you to know that the doors of this government, our team, and the phones, too, will be accessible to you quickly, wherever possible, where problems are objective, where problems can be resolved quickly to achieve that goal. We offer to speak as openly as possible, without limitations and ready face criticism. We are never scared of criticism and we are not afraid of it now, moreover, we are sure that we will be able to respond in some way,” said Gakharia