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Friday, October 11
By Lizi Zurabiani

National Teacher School will start functioning on November 1st

The National Teacher School will start functioning on November 1. As the Minister of Education, Science, Culture, and Sport Mikheil Batiashvili told reporters, the school will support the training and retraining of both new and practicing teachers, so that they can improve their qualifications and competence in the future.

"This new program will help both new and existing teachers to successfully pass exams and thus improve their conditions," said the minister.

The new teacher training program will be a two-month program. Candidates will be able to register tomorrow at the National Center for Teacher Professional Development. The training program will be implemented in all districts and the teachers of the center will be training those who are willing to apply.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Irina Abuladze explains that the school will be free of charge and will be fully funded from the central budget.

"This is reflected in this year's resource as well as in the 2020 budget. I would also like to clarify that staying in the profession will not depend on passing this program. This is simply a qualification test. The goal of this program is to attract new staff to the system, especially in areas where the teaching profession has not always been prestigious. The goal is also to support existing teachers, "said Abuladze.

Berika Shukakidze, head of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, told reporters that according to the new program, a teacher should be trained to teach several subjects at once.

"There are 2083 public schools in Georgia and more than 1,000 schools with fewer than 100 children. There are very few hours there and for a teacher to increase their salary, we have to train a subject group teacher so that one teacher can teach several subjects. This is a proven method for all those In a country that has a small contingent schools, for example, There should be one teacher in the social sciences, another one in physics and mathematics to get ready to have many hours and receive a salary supplement, "said Berika Shukakidze, head of the center.

Marneuli Wine Festival “Marneuli – Cradle of Vine” was held

Wine Festival “Marneuli - Cradle of Vine” was organized with the support of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia and the Marneuli Municipality.

Khatia Tsilosani, Deputy Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia addressed the guests and congratulated them on the holiday.

"The festival is particularly important in Marneuli municipality, as it is an archaeological hub of Georgian vine and wine culture, where ancient exhibits have been found that have allowed scientists to draw important conclusions about Georgian wine culture," said Deputy Minister Khatia Tsilosani.

"Georgian Wine Day" was first celebrated in 2014. Considering the great interest of the locals and tourists, in 2016, the wine celebration became a week-long celebration. Since 2018, Georgian Wine Days, called "Wine Month", are being celebrated on a larger scale by various events. Within the framework of the "Wine Month 2019" the wine festival has already been held in Telavi and on October 12 Tbilisi and Gurjaani will host wine festivals.

Bank of Georgia organized a panel discussion on labor security

Bank of Georgia held a panel discussion on new labor safety norms for business representatives. The meeting, attended by representatives of small, medium and large businesses, aimed to provide businesses with the necessary information related to a change in the Labor Security Act, which came into force in September.

Topics discussed at the meeting were: labor security norms in the economic sector, employer obligations, the creation of a safe work environment, implementation of international standards and the authority of labor inspectors. Lasha Labadze - Executive Director of the Employers' Association participated in the panel discussion; Business Ombudsman - Irakli Lekvinadze as well as Beka Peradze, Head of Labor Inspection Department.

"It is important for the Bank of Georgia to support businesses not only in terms of financing but also in accessing information. Given that today's labor security issues are particularly pressing, we wanted to give our partners the opportunity to answer questions they need and interesting from industry professionals themselves to better understand the rules and norms that they, as employers, will have to adhere to the new version of the law that came into force in September. This will help them to manage their business more easily, "said Zurab Masurashvili, Head of the Bank's SME Department.