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PM Gakharia discusses major issues at the Cabinet meeting

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Friday, October 11
Yesterday, on October 10, another Cabinet meeting was held, where the Prime Minister of Georgia, Giorgi Gakharia talked about many key issues.

Talking with the reporters, Gakharia said that he does not think that “as much money as GEL 50 Million should not be spent on the new building of the National Bank of Georgia.”

“The National Bank is an independent body. Not a single Lari of the budget goes there. However, I can tell you that such a large amount of resources should not be spent on the building of a governing body, even a National Bank building. I think it is more efficient and possible to build something in this city that is a little cheaper,” noted the PM.

According to the National Bank of Georgia, they are planning to build a new headquarter with an estimated budget of GEL 50 million. The NBG itself is explaining that they need a new building because of the increased functions of the institution, saying that it will take about 3-4 years to build it.

Talking about the changes in the Labor Code, PM noted that “nothing will happen without consulting with the business representatives.”

Also, the Georgian Prime Minister continues a series of sectoral meetings with the business community. Yesterday, he met with winemakers and winegrowers. According to the PM, the discussion addressed challenges related to local production, market access, and export.

"We have launched a series of meetings with representatives of various business fields. Today, we will meet with winemakers and winegrowers. This meeting is especially important because this year's harvest is in its final phase. We already have concrete results, though we also hear reports of certain challenges. Ultimately, however, the harvest has been a success in the Region of Kakheti. It will be commendable, of course, if we can be even more effective in the final phase of harvest. We want to speak with this particular business community to discuss challenges related to local production, viticulture, market access, and export," stated PM at the Cabinet meeting.

The PM also referred to a recent incident in which two out of five people suspected of serious crime were found to be police officers. As Gakahria noted, “this is an extremely difficult task, a grave consequence, but we must also bear in mind that one case in no way can cast a shadow over the 40,000 people who serve this country well and safeguard the health, property, and dignity of each of our citizens at the cost of their lives.”

According to the head of the government, “we also need to understand that when we have a proven fact that a law enforcement officer commits a crime without considering the interests of the system as a whole, we will be much tougher and our approach here will be ruthless and irreconcilable.”

Gakharia was appointed as the Prime Minister on September 8. Before becoming a member of the Georgian Dream, Gakharia worked and lived in Moscow, Russia from 1994 until 2013. He worked as Director for Business Development & Government Relations for Europe, Russia & CIS at Lufthansa Service Holding AG.

During his time in Georgia, Gakharia worked as Interior Minister, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of Georgia and as a Business Ombudsperson of Georgia.