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Anna Dolidze states that she wasn’t allowed into the Legal Issues Committee sitting

By Inga Kakulia
Wednesday, October 23
The non-judge member of the High Council of Justice, Anna Dolidze told the reporters that she was not allowed at the hearing of the Legal Committee of Parliament, where the hearing of the candidate for the position of the Judge, Giorgi Mikautadze was taking place.

As Anna Dolidze says, the Security Officer explained to her, there was no room in the hall and therefore she was invited to attend the sitting on the so-called balcony of the hall. According to Dolidze, this was an attempt to guarantee that no one would disturb Giorgi Mikautadze.

“The session is public, the hall is full of the office staff and the citizens are not present in the hall to prevent any slight discomfort of bothering Giorgi Mikautadze and not to worry him. That's what this facade is for,” said Dolidze.

Anna Dolidze left the parliament soon after talking with the reporters because she would not accept an offer to be seated at the so-called balcony.

Anri Okhanashvili, Chairman of the Committee on Legal Issues, commented on the situation and called the statement made by Anna Dolidze, a lie.

According to Okhanashvili, specific seats in the hall have been allocated in advance and anyone wishing to attend should address the committee Chairperson in advance, Anna Dolidze didn’t do.

The Chairperson reiterated that Dolidze was offered to attend the indoor balcony of the hall, but "she refused to attend among the citizens."

“It has come to my attention that Ana Dolidze was at the Parliament. She posted on her social network that she addressed us and we wouldn't let her into the hall, which is a lie. It is awkward for a member of the Council of Justice to spread such a lie. As you know, this hall is reserved for members of parliament, media representatives, international observers, specific places for non-governmental organizations, the Public Defender, the Bar Association. Since interest is high and if anyone wants to attend, we do not have free seats here, we offer a balcony of the hall. It seems that Anna Dolidze refused to sit along with the citizens, which is embarrassing for the council member. Asking questions has its own rules, the committee has decided this. We allow every person to ask the question, as much as possible. Speculations that we don’t allow someone to attend is very bad and wrong. If someone asks me to attend in the hall, I try my best to provide that. She did not make such a request," said Okhanashvili.