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Digital Georgia

By Mariam Chanishvili
Monday, October 28
The Georgian National Museum (GNM) is hosting the project "Digital Tbilisi", which will be held for the first time in Georgia on October 25-28. The project is a subsidiary of the French multimedia festival Scopitone (Scopitone. Stereolux. Nantes, France) adapted for the Georgian art scene in Tbilisi.

The goal of Digital Tbilisi is to collaborate with French artists to create exciting co-productions with international artists for the international art scene and to make Tbilisi an attractive professional hub for international artists within the festival. The project is implemented with the support of Tbilisi City Hall.

The festival opening took place on October 25 at GNM. The presentation took place in Tbilisi: _Nybble_ is an audiovisual, formal and spatial performance in which aesthetics fluctuates between « digital minimalism and organicity ». The formal fluctuation is made by a generative visual where various forces impose, to a particle system, both natural movements, and more or less complex geometric movements. _nybble_ is co-produced by Arcadi (Paris, FR), Stereolux (Nantes, FR), Alex Augier Studio (Paris, FR), supported by La Muse en Circuit (Alfortville, FR) and has been created during the 2017 L.E.V Festival (Teatro del Laboral, Gijon, ES).

Another performance took place on October 26 at Wine Factory. Guillaume Marmin is a French visual artist. His work, connected from the beginning to the music scene and performing arts, is part of a revival of the visual creation by overcoming traditional forms of storytelling and traditional performing media.

One of the famous installations of Marmin - Licht, mehr Licht! – was presented in Georgia.

“Licht, mehr Licht!”, in English “Light, more light!”, were Goethe's dying words. The mysterious utterance can be understood as the mystical final pronouncement of the great author and scientific thinker, who developed his theory of optics.

On October 27, the Tbilisi Museum of Photography and Multimedia hosted the Installation by Michael Lafontaine and Georgian Artists - Audiographic Map of Tbilisi. This is a collaborative work with many professions in Tbilisi, with the help of which Michael Lafonten creates an audiographic map of Tbilisi.

Cyclic Patterns is a performance by Guillaume Marmin, a French digital artist and Kordz, a Georgian pianist catechized to classical music and converted to electro at Mtkvari in Tbilisi. This AV performance of 30 minutes plays on the concept of spatialization thanks to an original scenography: a circle marked out with 16 vertical LED bars, where the two artists face each other.