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Topic is closed, 2020 elections will be held with mixed electoral system – Kaladze says after ruling party’s meeting

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Tuesday, November 26
Yesterday, after meeting with the ruling party, Kakha Kaladze, the secretary-general of the Georgian Dream talked about possible changes for future elections. As he noted, the topic is closed, and the 2020 elections will be held with a mixed electoral system. He cited that there are not enough supporters in the ruling party, therefore there is no resource to get 113 votes.

Kaladze once again noted that in addition to ‘apparent resistance’ of majoritarian MP’s, ‘destructive behavior of opposition’ also assisted failure of the constitutional amendments.

Kaladze's statement also shows that the 2024 elections may not be held in a fully proportional system. According to him, most of the members of the ruling party are majoritarian MP’s and they have the initiative of holding the elections with the fully majoritarian system.

But, according to the constitution of Georgia, by 2024, parliamentary elections should be held in a fully proportional system.

Also, Kaladze noted that there would be no majoritarian candidate of Georgian Dream in the 2020 elections where "other opposition parties or independent candidates" would have a "real chance of winning" apart from the ‘two main wings’ of the United National Movement.

According to Nino Burjanadze, the leader of the Democratic Movement - United Georgia, the Georgian Dream's statements and suggestions do not make sense, and it seems like they are making fun of people.

One of the leaders of a public movement Lelo, Badri Japaridze, says that the Georgian Dream is ready to confront its own population in order to maintain power and lead the country into turmoil. Japaridze spoke about it at the special briefing.

"It is unfortunate that the Georgian Dream, which has created the current political crisis itself, is trying to exacerbate the situation,” noted Japaridze.

According to him, the goal of the government is to radicalize one part of society and to overthrow the other part in complete nihilism. The movement will continue to protest and demand a German model of elections.

As the leader of the political party ‘For Justice,’ Eka Beselia says, statements of Kaladze is a challenge of ‘open duel’ to Georgian people.

“This statement means that they are challenging people… they are making fun of people, they are telling them that they don’t care about this protest, the views of people, which is joined by everyone other than the Georgian Dream,” noted Beselia.

Also, yesterday, the Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, Archil Talakvadze, introduced the candidates to the vacant political positions.

According to him, Giorgi Volski is to occupy the position of the First Vice-Speaker and Mamuka Mdinaradze – the position of the Vice-Speaker and lead the Majority. Giorgi Kakhiani and Kakha Kuchava are nominated as the Vice-Speakers as well. Irakli Beraia will preside the Foreign Relations Committee;

David Songulashvili – EU Integration Committee; Nino Tsilosani – Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee; and Genadi Margvelashvili – Education, Science and Culture Committee. Guram Macharashvili is nominated as the Chair of the Procedural Issues and the Rules Committee.

The changes become effective after the procedures stipulated under the Rules of Procedure. MPs determined the sequence of the agenda issues.

The addresses are submitted by MPs Nato Chkheidze, Eka Beselia and Ramaz Nikolaishivli as well.

After the bill on the electoral amendments was not passed in the Parliament of Georgia, several members of the ruling party left the Georgian Dream. Initially, the leaders of the ruling party were saying that the 2020 elections would be held with a proportional system, after the voting, the initiative did not get enough votes.

This decision was followed by a massive backlash from the society, resulting in protests near the Parliament.