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Premiere of Troy, the Lost Paradise

By Mariam Chanishvili
Friday, December 6
Konstantine Gamsakhurdia Sokhumi State Drama Theatre will open a season for 135th time on December 11 with the premiere of Troy, the Lost Paradise.

The performance will take place on December 11 and 13.

The French intellectual Jean-Paul Sartre wrote his Trojan Women, veiling references to European imperialism in Asia, and emphases of existentialist themes. The Israeli playwright Hanoch Levin also wrote his version of the play, adding more disturbing scenes and scatological details.

Director and author of the text is Turkish invited director - Gamze Tanrivermis. The language of performance is Georgian but will be accompanied by subtitles in English and Abkhazian.

The choreographer of the project is Natia Bunturi. Nanka Esiava and Nina Jandieri offer the set design. The music is composed by Sandro Nikoladze and Dato Kakulia.

The list of actors includes Eka Archaia, Nino Lezhava, Julieta Pakeliani, Meri Pkhovelishvili, Nino Shavgulidze, Lela Sharabidze, Sanata Dzadzamia and Salome Chulukhadze.

The performance is based on the true story of women in the Abkhazian war, accompanied by post-war photos.

“The war took everything from these women: husbands, children, home. Now they face the grim reality of slavery and exile. What will their fate be like? Will they ever return to their homeland?

Regardless of the gloomy city and crushed dreams, the women on stage keep the love of life and most importantly, the hope of going back…” reads the description of the project.

The project was implemented under the auspices of the Turkish Embassy in Tbilisi with the support of TIKA.

TIKA is the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, which has been working on various fields in Georgia since 1994.

Sokhumi State Drama Theatre was founded in 1885. Since 1995 Theater many times has performed in various cities of Georgia. The theater was touring in many countries of the USSR and in 1999 in Cairo, in 2000 – Moscow, in 2007 Theater participated in International Theater Festival in Kharkov and in 2009 in the Festival in Nikolayev.