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Wednesday, December 18
By Liza Mchedlidze

15 year-old dies after attempted suicide following ‘psychological abuse by police’

A 15-year-old boy, who was allegedly driven to suicide after being questioned and ‘psychologically abused’ by policemen regarding the signs written on the walls of the Mtsvane (green) School has died in Iashvili Children Clinic, the press office releases the information.

On December 17, Iashvili Children Clinic along with doctors from Israel performed surgery, due to a teenager’s Cerebral edema, brain swelling. The teenager remained in the clinic for six days and according to doctors, all necessary medical operations were held; a group of neurosurgeons and anesthesiologists were invited to perform operations on the boy before dying. ‘The health condition worsened today and saving the patient was impossible. The death occurred at 20:10 due to cardiac arrest,’ doctors stated yesterday.

On December 11, the 15-year-old boy sprayed ‘Fuck Life’ on the walls of his former school Mtsvane (green) School. The school administration informed the police about it. The teenager’s mother said that the boy was questioned under serious psychological violence by policemen and was left for a few minutes without his mother, which is against the law. He was driven to attempted suicide due to pressure from Police and jumped from the 9th floor of the building he lived in.

Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association released a statement regarding the case:

“The psychological violence and threatening were so realistic and intensive that the teenager asked for doctors, but they did not allow medical help. The questioning was attended by the child’s mother but, at some point, the questioning was happening without her.”

The State Inspector Service has temporarily suspended three police officers from their service as policemen and launched an investigation under article 335 paragraph 1 of the criminal code.

Judo Federation’s alleged pressure on Judoist

Georgia’s Judo Federation conceals whether Lasha Bekauri’s medical examination after being beaten by policemen was conducted or not before the athlete would take part in the championship in China.

Giorgi Atabegashvili, Judo Federation President told that he has no information regarding the medical check-up of Lasha Bekauri and will not say anything publicly until the investigation is finished.

Lasha Bekauri himself states that he will not comment on why he did not consent to State Inspector Service for a medical check-up.

Athlete Lasha Bekauri has accused policemen of physical and verbal violence hours before his departure to China in his Facebook post but was later removed by him, allegedly due to the pressure from the Judo Federation. Bekauri made a comment regarding the deletion of the social media post saying: ‘It was just a misunderstanding, don’t ask me anything. Nothing happened, I am fine.’